Felt Wheels

Sizes from 1/2" to 26"

100% wool felt wheels and knife edge felt wheels provide the perfect home for aggressive, abrasive polishing compounds. Many wheels are offered in our Marathon™ line consisting of superior quality 100% carbonized wool. The finest grains available create surface finishes from smooth to mirror brilliance. Every wheel is perfectly balanced to give vibration free, true running performance. Best Felt offers all wheels in six densities: soft, medium, hard, rock hard, flint hard, and diamond hard. If you need a special blend, we can provide it. Arbor holes range from pinhole to whatever size you need.

Custom sizes for wheels and arbor holes are always available.

Large Wheels

Many sizes below are from our Marathon™ line, such as 4" x 1/2" and 6" x 3/4". These are made of the highest quality felt comprised of 100% carbonized wool.

Best Felt Company

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